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Holland Roden at HBO’s Emmy 2014 After Party

What is that?
It’s called a star puzzle. It’s basically impossible to figure out. You have to put all of the pieces back together to form a perfect star. But the origin of it is um, kind of a romantic tale. There was this young prince who wanted to win the heart of the fairest maiden in the land. So he climbed to the top of the tallest tower in the kingdom and he caught a falling star for her. Unfortunately he was so excited he dropped it and it smashed into all of these pieces, so he frantically put it back together again to prove his undying love to her and he succeeded, and they lived happily ever after.

Lydia Martin + braided hair


Phoebe Tonkin for Into The Goss “Fake Your Piercings” 2014

Happy 23rd birthday, Dylan O’Brien! (Aug 26, 1991)

get to know me meme [4/5] fav celebs: Tatiana Maslany


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